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Crisis Communications

An Abnormal Communication Strategy: How PR Could Have Saved Deciem


For those not working in communications, sometimes the world of public relations can be somewhat abstract and mysterious–not everyone knows exactly the ins-and-outs of what we PR professionals do. Brandon Truaxe of Deciem, a brand known more widely as the ‘Abnormal Beauty Company,’ could have hugely benefited from the services of our industry professionals leading […] Read more…

Good PR vs Bad PR

When discussing public relations with friends, I was surprised to discover that some have trouble identifying exactly what it’s function is. Below are some real life examples of PR, both good and bad, that most people can recall seeing and hearing about.  Good PR: Branding The Dove Real Beauty Campaign The Dove Real Beauty Campaign, […] Read more…

Eye of the Social Media Storm

  So your organization finds itself in the middle of a social media crisis. Be prepared to turn the threat into an opportunity. If you’re not, customers may still be airing out their grievances on any number of social media platforms at this very moment. Not good for business. Take the clothing retailer, American Apparel. They sent out an […] Read more…


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