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Month: September 2019

What’s In: Experiential Events

The PR world is always evolving. As summer comes to an end, it’s important to account for some great brand activations that happened this summer. Firstly, what are brand activations? Brand activations are a small part of experiential marketing that encourages audiences to engage with a brand via unique and creative events. Here is a […] Read more…

Beyond Branding: Mean Girls

We’re still living in the world of the Plastics; in the 14 years since the movie aired, it has spawned into a whole new way of speaking. These Mean Girls references take us all back to Tina Fey’s cult classic.  Fey’s insanely witty screenwriting sets this film apart from just another movie. It has allowed […] Read more…

Win At All Costs: Starbucks Review


A brand’s reputation is crucial in today’s market. One bad PR mistake and it can wreck a company’s image. Here is an interesting marketing strategy that can be used to benefit both the consumer and your brand. Starbucks recently engaged in the Environmental Stewardship Program. This program has different ways for customers’ to make purchases […] Read more…


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