Recently, I went to a Networking event in downtown Toronto, with a free-hand artist friend of mine. Upon speaking to a few people I realized, there were quite a few myths about PR that many business folks seriously believed in – and of course once I stated the real facts about working in PR and how helpful PR is for many business they second guessed thier dismissive thoughts on Public Relations and saw that, they too may need to look into an agency. (That was when I turned them to Samari Communications of course!)


This week, I thought I would write on some of the myths I came across and debunk them right here on the blog! Here are 4 myths about PR:


  1. You should never do mass mailings; it’s not as genuine and it’s much better to take your time with each email.


PR pros take their jobs very seriously. Samari Communications believes  that every single assignment should require our maximum attention, not if that means spending four hours on sending emails to 50 contacts though.


CRM (customer relationship management) mass-mailing tools provide the same result in less time. Your PR agency should and will use them – leaving lots of time to handle plenty of other tasks at hand to help your brand!


  1. Marketers do all the traffic measurements. .


PR covers all your bases. Measuring your traffic is what helps us determine what the next step is for your brand. Some things could be left to the marketing pros, but PR works with your brands focus in mind not only looking at the analytics but finding ways to bring those numbers up each time! .


  1. PR is all about press releases. Anyone who knows basic writing skills can do that !

Not quite! The right agency will raise the bar with embedded videos or social media feeds!

Basic writing skills will only provide you with your brand’s copy – which is what matters the most.


But why not consider adding visuals to strengthen your brand’s message?


Putting your copy into a single PDF attachment will get the job done, but remember – you want to stand out from the rest!


  1. PR is about getting the word out. Why not just pay for ads all over the place!?

Well, it’s not just getting the word out. It is getting YOUR message out telling your brand or business story. The PR Team should also work as the middle man between your brand and the target audience, customers and influencers. Stating how they think and feel about your products and services! If you haven’t been using PR that way, you haven’t maximized your investment.


Now that we’ve debunked some of those nasty myths about PR, set up a one-on-one consultation free of charge! We can talk more about PR – maximaizing your brand’s needs!

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