The difference between creating a blog for fun and creating a blog for your business is quite simple. From experience, it is way easier to write about things that you are genuinely interested in- rather than writing something you absolutely have no interest in, for the sake of having a blog on your website. Make the content blend well with the rest of your brand; this could be range between updates within your company (new store locations, new products and improvements) to even noticing reviews from your clients and partners (video and blog reviews you want to share with others). For business, it all about your intent to capturing the attention of your target audience.


Everything considering blogging for your brand is centred around creating a voice for your brand – which goes for all social media for your business. Your brand is an individual with a voice, a mind and goal. When blogging for your brand it’s best to write with these factors in mind.

Find what you are good at! Some brands have already figured it all out.  If you’re like many, you have had a lot of different plans and ideas! When I found my niche, I found what I really enjoyed and knew a lot about.  For example, you are a very strong persuader and can effectively communicate your ideas to a wide audience and create outstanding rapport with your peers – you can pursue blog writing about Public Relations!

That being said, it is also a great option to look into PR and Content Creation specialists who can help you channel your brand’s voice and create a blog for your business that brings the target audience you need; with Samari Communications‘ knowledgable team to back your blog writing and publishing, to effectively communicate your brands ideals and create a unique voice for your brand.

Do you have any tips, tricks or questions? Leave us a comment below!

Need some help creating a voice and blog for your brand? Register bellow for a free one hour consultation with someone from our team at Samari Communications, a Boutique PR agency in Toronto specialising in communication for fashion, beauty, technology and lifestyle brands.


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