What makes a great, not simply good, event? The guests? The food? The venue? Certainly, all of those components are crucial to make an event good. To make it great, the devil’s in the details! Tighten up your theme.

First and foremost, your theme must reflect and supplement the brand to maximize effectiveness and impact. Everyone loves a toga party (they’re so much fun!) but, unless you’re a sheet brand marketing to college kids on a budget, it’s not the most strategic theme.

As an example, we recently threw a launch event for Sleepenvie, a mattress company. We used a bedroom theme to compliment the brand: mattresses on as art installations and to try out and breakfast themed food and cocktails among other little touches.


 We made the space feel like a bedroom and gallery, as the beds were also art installations as the brand partnered with an art-based charity, so the mattresses seemed a natural addition without going overboard and pulling focus from the brand by, for example, having all the guests wear pyjamas. Balance is important. A theme is meant to be complimentary, not to pull focus.

 Use the Menu to Your Advantage

The menu is a perfect opportunity to reenforce your theme. The smell of the deep fried bacon canapés made everyone think of breakfast. The milk and cookie shots were a nostalgic reminder of bedtime snacks.


Photo Opps = #Hashtag Heaven

Millennials just can’t resist a juicy photo opp! By creating designated photo areas, your guests will be expressing themselves through your brand social media, and, essentially, making it relevant in their lives. Inform your guests of a designated event hashtag for social media and try to make your brandname visible in photo opp areas.


Key Messages

An event is the ideal opportunity to directly interact with media and your audience and create personal relationships. If you prep your team for approximately five to ten questions that most likely be asked by media it will make each answer count. Remember, the media are looking for quotes. Be concise, informative, and memorable.

Send Your Guests Home with Treats

Make sure your guests enjoy your event and go home with a little something to remember your brand. A gift bag on the night of and a follow-up thank you gift go a long way!


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Amanda Albert
Amanda Albert
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