Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all stayed up late scrolling aimlessly on social media. Sometimes we’ve come across the cutest video of a beautiful Samoyed puppy licking peanut butter off a spoon or a talented artist painting an intricate design on a canvas. Equally enjoyable and satisfying. Or ended up watching one individual consume copious amounts of food in one sitting until 3 AM. Still weirdly enjoyable and arguably a little bit more satisfying. Here are three of the most popular and strange social media trends this summer that have us all craving some mouth-watering food combinations.

Mukbangs: This term originated in South Korean is used to describe “eating”. It is a combination of meokneun which means eating, and bangsong for broadcast. Together, Mukbang is a hybrid popular culture term describing a video of an individual consuming large amounts of food in one sitting. The host of the video can interact with their viewers, sometimes pretending to feed the “audience” their food, shortly thereafter taking their very first bite. Now, this sounds weird when you break it down what these videos contain… however, Mukbangs are now trending on all different social media accounts. Hey, maybe it’s because, in effect, we’re all not eating alone! Mukbangs have now even progressed to different branded foods and cuisines.  If you’re in the mood for Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican or Japanese your craving is just one click away.

ASMR Eating: ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response which means someone strictly taking a video of themselves eating food and focusing the video only on the sound of their chewing. This one sounds a bit more off-putting then Mukbangs, but weirdly ASMRs are becoming increasingly addictive. ASMRs and Mukbangs can be combined together in one video, satisfying all of society’s weird tendencies. The host of the video chooses a range of different foods to get the crispest, loud sound. Whether it be slurping a buttery lobster tail or chewing fresh sashimi, to crunching down on the new KFC Cheetos sandwich–ASMRs never fail to disappoint. 

Both eating trends have opened avenues for food-loving moguls making this their full-time career. Jealousy is an understatement. Interestingly enough, businesses have hopped on these weird trends to help make these food-loving moguls into social media stars promoting different products. The product, The Coldest Water Bottle is an insulated stainless steel travel mug that can hold up too freezing ice-cold water for 36 hours or boiling hot water for 12 hours. This company has been extremely active in famous Mukbangs/ASMRs increasing their online presence. Famous Mukbangers such as @Nikocadoavocado, @BeastMode,  @zachchoi, and @veronicawangco have all directly promoted The Coldest Water Bottle in each of their videos; making the company more reputable and trusted. These weird food trends have created a strong food community engaging both its creators and its viewers.

So what does this mean to the PR world? This proves no matter how weird or objectionable a trend may seem, when it starts gaining attraction it would be beneficial to invest your time with the growth of the trend. 

Throughout these three different social media trends, there is no quantitative or qualitative trait that explains their popularity, besides the entertainment value. This has me thinking what will be the next trend? Blowing up balloons for 10 minutes straight or untangling a ball of yarn?  Only time will tell.

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Lauren Machtinger
Lauren Machtinger
A Laurier Grad with a passion for inclusion in all thing’s education and entertainment, Lauren Machtinger lends her experience to Samari Communication in her role as Experiential Event and Social Media Intern. In Lauren’s last year of studies, she dove into the Communications industry managing a small team of students for Bumble doing brand activations and experiential events. She has an immense passion for helping others. Lauren has been very involved in her community by running the Feel the Beat program. This program is affiliated with the Kitchener-Waterloo community to help teach dance, self-expression and life skills to individuals with exceptionalities. You can find her on LinkedIn or contact her via email lauren@samaripr.com.

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