When you come across an Instagram feed – what are the first things you notice?
Most times it’s colours, effects, the level of photography and of course the content of those square photos that make you want to follow a specific user’s feed. Budding Instagram users – be it for pleasure or for business, are always at a loss at how to become such an aesthetically pleasing success. There’s a lot that goes on in marketing your brand through social media, and Instagram may be one of the best places to start since that is a widely used platform for users on the go who want to keep up to date on their favourite brands, celebrities, fashionistas and all around influencers. In this post, I will be sharing some of my top tips and tricks I have learned and that have helped many budding brands gain a lot more traffic to their Instagram feeds.

  • Concepts & Flow: So you have your niche and you have your desired goal regarding what you are looking to convey to your audience with your feed. First things first is to figure out a flow, a great way to do that is to tell a story with every photo – if for example you are a fashion brand, create photos that relate to the everyday life of your target audience.  A day to the gym wearing your Apple watch, with your handy reusable water bottle and your chic and durable gym bag. A lot of users use a uniform filter so that all their shots have a similar look – even if the photos are not all alike – later on I will share apps that you can use with an array of filters and settings to help with this. There is also a general flow of your feed, for example; creating days of the week designated to a specific kind of shot for example:  • Monday: Motivational Quotes, Tuesday: Outfit Of the Day, Wednesday: Gym Life, Thursday: Nature/Flowers, Friday: Foodie Fridays/Recipes, Saturday, and Sunday: Day-in/Breakfast/, etc..
    These are just examples one could use for a budding influencer feed and can be altered based on the direction of your brand.
  • Communication: It’s always important to treat your feed and your audience as if they are human beings – because most of them are! If you are following similar brands or even following back some of the followers you have – keep up with your news feed and comment and like some of the posts you see. Create conversation through your posts, ask questions and create a community for your target audience to take part in. This also helps you understand what may or may not be working with them – and gives them a chance to see you for more than another brand with an Instagram!
  •  Hashtags: Some brands don’t use hashtags, and many budding ones do. Hashtags are what bring your traffic in sometimes. Instagram has search functions that help users find specific things they may be looking for, and example would be: #beautybloggers, #greenbeauty, #toronto, #handmadejewlery etc. Using similar hashtags that may be used by your target audience is a great way to drive traffic to your posts!
  • Consistency: It’s not going to happen overnight, however the more consistent you are, the more results you will see. It’s always a good idea to post daily once or even twice for the day during the peak times. This is all usually depending on your target audience. I usually would post daily at the same times each day, whether that is every day at 8 AM or every day at 8 PM – these hours can change for anyone and are different for everyone.

Top Five Apps to Use for Instagram:

Here are some of my favourite apps for creating beautiful photos, effects and looks for every shot on Instagram.
• VSCO: One of my absolute favourite apps for creating lovely filters and the filters are organized easily so you can find and create a uniform look with every edited photo. Another great aspect of this app is that it is free, with in-app purchases if necessary. Sometimes they have free limited-time offers on different filters as well. It’s a staple for me and I absolutely love using it.
• PS Express: This is a little Photoshop app for your phone. Although, it does not do all the great edits that the full version of Adobe Photoshop for desktop – it is definitely a lot more handy than the simple edit tool built into your phone. You can blur, spot treat and fix red eyes. Perfect for capturing pets and people!

• Studio: Another completely free app, that helps you create design and text for your photos! It’s perfect for creating promo images for events and launches or even just applying your copyright or simply adding copy to an image before you post it to instagram.
• Boomerang: This is an app that was included in the Instagram bundle that launched some months ago. It’s a perfect for adding .gif clips to your Instagram to add some life to an Instagram feed. You could create clips of a day at the park with your pup, or even a quick .gif of balloons flying into the sky at your special outdoor launch event!
• WordSwag: This app is another option for creating copy on your images, and even offers premium quality stock photos, in the event that you do not have the right photo you need at the time. Personally, I think it is best to use for those motivational quotes – this app comes with generated quotes in-app for all different genres of inspiration; from health and fitness to clarity and perseverance.

Now you’re ready to perfect your Instagram posts. if you think we missed something that deserves to be on the list, let us know through your comments.  Need some additional Instagram help, book a free consultation with us! 

Happy Instagramming!

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