Switching careers at this stage in my life is not an easy task .  After all, I`m not twenty-one anymore. I’m starting from scratch but at the same time I`m armed with different experiences that work in my favor towards reaching my goal of becoming a PR maven. With a background in business, specifically information systems, I knew there was something more for me than 0’s and 1’s. Great, I understand business, I have marketing experience, excel in sales and even dabbled in event planning.  It is the emergence of social media that intrigued me and made me realize that I had to be apart of this online world. I mean it’s such a powerful platform and for a PR newbie like myself, the ability to establish online relationships has never been  more accessible. I have a lot of  social media  accounts. To name just a few, Twitter, Facebook and more recently I joined Pinterest. I definitely don’t want to be one of those, (you know who you are)  who signs up to every social media outlet out there and then embarrassingly your last tweet was 65 days ago.

I was quite surprised after reading Sarah Sherik`s, Unlocking Social Media for PR that seasoned public relations professionals out there that are still struggling to get “social” as part of their daily lives by making tweeting as habitual as email and phoning.   Sherik names examples of brands that are doing an excellent job with their Facebook presence.  I congratulate the many established brands like Intel and Adobe Photoshop  with unlimited budgets and a massive social media profile.  My first challenge as a PR professional is to garner brand awareness for not one but two start-ups, one of which is an online furniture store.  How can I compete with two unknowns on a low-budget? Sherik’s third example gives me a glimmer of hope.  She describes a small local business named Saddler’s Row who on a small budget succeeds by being creative, human and “inventive” with their use of Facebook.  I can do that.  This leads me to my next challenge. The latest add-on to Facebook called EdgeRank, an algorithm  used to decide what’s at the top of our news feeds.  So now, not only do we have to create a fan page on Facebook , acquire many “Likes,” but content is clearly king. If you have nothing to enhance your fans experience with then you are as good as an email in their spam box.

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Edge Rank Checker

5 Tips To Increase Your Band’s Reach On Facebook Despite Recent EdgeRank Changes – hypebot.

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