We know how important measurement is when it comes to meeting your social web program goals.  Now let’s take a look at  some  tools you can use to track your performance.

Kred is a free social data mining tool made up of two parts similar to Klout where every person or account on Twitter has a score. Your influence score is a measure of your ability to inspire others. It’s a number on a scale from 1 to 1,000, and its based on how often your tweets are re-tweeted, how many new followers you have, and how many replies you generate.  Since Kred is calculating everyone’s scores in real-time, it compares your score against the average. In addition to Twitter, Kred looks at Facebook likes and Google +1s. The Outreach score measures in levels and reflects how generous you are with retweeting and replying to others. Kred also figures out which of 200 communities you belong to based on the information on your Twitter bio which may not always be a great description of who you are. Kred also incorporates your real-world accomplishments like degrees, honors, awards and certificates. You can even send Kred a PDF proving an offline achievement and they will add it to your Kred score.


How does Kred add value to measuring your social web program?

  • It gives you an overview of how active someone is, what they talk about, their interests, and their level of engagement. Identifying and engaging with key influencers will possibly help in spreading your brand’s message.
  • It will tell you exactly what you’re doing and how people are reacting to your content.  Kred is so transparent that they even published a Scoring Guide
  • Kred shows you exactly how you got your score and lets you drill down to every re-tweet to see how many points it was worth. For example; a mention is worth more than follow.

Likealyzer is a very simple  free tool to assess your Facebook page and provides suggestions on how to improve it. Facebook’s own analytic tool is great but it can also be confusing. LikeAlyzer is easy to use and provides valuable insights. Your page is graded from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better. Suggestions for your page are analyzed so you can see what you do well and areas that need improvement.


How does Likealyzer add value to measuring your social web program?

  • It  analyzes your page and assesses how well it performed in relation to competitors’ pages.  You should check your competitors’ pages to get some additional insights.
  • Provides recommendations about how you can improve and indicates what you’re doing right and wrong.
  • Get more of your fans to see your updates by implementing the recommendations.

Social Crawlytics  a free tool that analyzes the popularity of a website’s content and helps you improve the content you deliver to your target audience. Maintain ongoing reports of social share history across all pages of any website.

How does Crawlytics add value to measuring your social web program?

  • Provides information on what your competition is doing allowing you to deliver something different and better.
  • Helps you identify what is and isn’t working on your site(s). By understanding what is popular and what gets shared the most, you can determine what type of content to produce. On the flip side you’ll know what doesn’t work with your audience and what to eliminate. This improves your site’s content strategy.
  • Provides easy to read graphics of the websites content and breaks down where posts are shared eg Twitter and Facebook and how often.


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