Drake is not only a Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter but also a very successful entrepreneur. Drake founded OVO Sound, a brand to be reckoned with. OVO is an acronym for “October’s Very Own” describing Drake’s birth month and representing Drake’s image. This brand was co-founded by Drake and Oliver El-Khatib. OVO is not only a concert, but it is also much much more. The acronym serves as the name of a record label, a clothing line and concert by our very own Canadian artist. Every Summer, Drake loves to give back to his fans by giving them a one of a kind concert. However, this concert is not your typical concert. Through the insane lineup at the concert, to the merch, to the anticipation built up throughout the week until the final two-day event. This concert is turned into a full-blown music festival. 

The OVO Experience:

OVO Fest: OVO Fest is an annual concert hosted by Drake in Toronto, that is extremely special to Drake and his brand. The concert is notable for the insane surprise pop-up artists. This year he had Chris Brown, Cardi B, Offset, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Megan Thee Stallion, Gucci Mane, Tyga, YG, Popcaan, Dabay and Lil Baby. The unpredictability of OVO Fest makes the concert that much more memorable.

OVO Sound: OVO Sound is the most popular stream of OVO, as it produces all of Drake’s music. OVO Sound is a Toronto-based Canadian record label. This is where Drake lives and breathes his music. 


OVO Clothing: Drake established OVO’s clothing brand in 2008 in Toronto. The series of clothing began with a series of collaborations that put the brand on the market. One of the most successful collaborations was with the Toronto Raptors as Drake used his clothing line to brand Toronto as the 6ix. OVO has transformed its clothing line to represent Drake’s music as his brand.

OVO Weekend: OVO Weekend is the newest edition to the OVO experience. Drake extended his two-night concert into a full fled OVO weekend. On Friday, August 3rd, Drake created an immersive conference called, the OVO Summit. This conference is catered towards fellow Canadian entrepreneurs that are looking to grow their careers by providing workshops to hone their skills. The OVO Summit focuses on the niche creative economy, engaging all members of society. On Saturday, August 4th Drake held, the OVO Hoops. This is one of my favourite events as its connecting our city to our community through the sport of basketball. Through a partnership between the Raptors (Drake is the global ambassador) and OVO, the event is designed to ignite the culture of our game and our city. 

Adding these unique elements to a concert or music festival, elevates the experience entirely, hyping the anticipation and creating a more memorable experience for the audience. It’s important when providing a service to not have a linear mindset and to always think of new and innovative brand ideas. 

Pro Tip: Create an image and slogan that are short and catchy. The brand should be unified and easily identified by the public. Fun Fact: The letters O V O, look like an owl’s face, thus making it an easy decision for Drake to choose an owl as the image for his brand.

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Lauren Machtinger
Lauren Machtinger
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