A brand’s reputation is crucial in today’s market. One bad PR mistake and it can wreck a company’s image. Here is an interesting marketing strategy that can be used to benefit both the consumer and your brand. Starbucks recently engaged in the Environmental Stewardship Program. This program has different ways for customers’ to make purchases from Starbucks while maintaining their commitment to the environment because, as many of us know, those who are environmentally conscious don’t want to engage in the use of plastic.  This program is inclusive for all things environment and of course, coffee. 

Greener Cups: This initiative will help Starbucks achieve their environmental aspirations by creating a new, innovating Greener to-go cup in Vancouver. This new cup will be testing for recyclability and compostability in the area, in hopes that the program can be introduced into more cities. New York, Seattle, London and San Francisco are joining Vancouver by participating in the Greener Cups movement.  

Fewer Straws: This initiative has been recognized globally, pushing the no straw movement. The Fewer Straws debuts a new strawless lid that is recyclable. The new lid was created in its best efforts to entirely replace plastic straws. Starbucks has committed to eliminating plastic straws by 2020, if this can be accomplished, they are on track to removing more than one billion plastic straws per year. 

Discount: Starbucks also offers a $0.10 cup discount anytime you bring your own mug or tumbler.  This small tangible initiative goes a long way in minimizing the world’s environmental footprint. 

PR Tip: Pursuing a strong positive image will only help further your brand. By taking an environmental approach this strengthens Food & Beverage companies overall image by benefiting the company AND the consumer. 
This cyclical process is better for the environment by generating a social impact, better for the company as they are saving money and the environment, and better for the consumer as they are bettering the environment with their choices while simultaneously saving money. It’s a win, win, win! 

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Lauren Machtinger
Lauren Machtinger
A Laurier Grad with a passion for inclusion in all thing’s education and entertainment, Lauren Machtinger lends her experience to Samari Communication in her role as Experiential Event and Social Media Intern. In Lauren’s last year of studies, she dove into the Communications industry managing a small team of students for Bumble doing brand activations and experiential events. She has an immense passion for helping others. Lauren has been very involved in her community by running the Feel the Beat program. This program is affiliated with the Kitchener-Waterloo community to help teach dance, self-expression and life skills to individuals with exceptionalities. You can find her on LinkedIn or contact her via email lauren@samaripr.com.

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