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When first considering sponsorship, and all that it classically entails, TV and radio sponsorships ‘brought to you by’ ads come to mind, followed by athletic sponsorship and event sponsorship.

Within these three areas, there are, of course, good and bad examples.

Good sponsorship will always feel natural and be complementary to all respective brands and organizations. Like, for example, Adidas as the main corporate sponsor of the 2018 World Cup. The World Cup soccer tournament is an athletic event, Adidas makes athletic wear. That makes perfect sense.

When executed correctly, the benefits of sponsorship are invaluable. It will not only positively promote the brands involved AND raise brand awareness, but it will also build relationships with your audience through creating a memorable guest experience and provide an opportunity for networking.

Unfortunately, sponsorship can often be poorly executed with unnatural and thoughtless pairings and be way overdone with excessive banners and signage. Like, for example, Quicken Loans becoming the official sponsor of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In a nutshell, that partnership is makes no sense is in no way shape or form even related, nevermind complimentary.

The Samari Team recently had the pleasure of attending an event in Toronto that was a shining example of sponsorship done right. The whole evening from the moment you walked through the door was an expertly curated treat for the senses.

A Chic & Unique Dining Experience with Masterchef Canada Contestant Michael Griffith was held at the Emily Harding Gallery, a very glamorous loft space.

We were met at the door by Jeff, one of the charming hosts, and personally escorted up to the gallery. Even though walking into a room of strangers can sometimes feel daunting, we were made to feel comfortable right away. The beautifully dressed table was a vision and the centerpiece of the room. We could smell dinner being cooked in the open kitchen by the chef and hear champagne glasses clinking a hello and the laughter of new-found friends. We were introduced to all the other guests, an intimate guest list of 20, and poured a glass of champagne. We mingled and networked before taking our seats at the table when the cocktail hour was over.

Once we sat down with our new friends, we noticed on the table a dedicated event hashtag and menu card decorating our place settings.

Steph, the evening’s host and incredibly talented social media influencer/entrepreneur, gave a lovely toast before dinner thanking the evening’s sponsors and her guests for attending.

Chef Michael prepared five courses each inspired by different countries for an ‘around the world’ dining experience. With every new course, he came over to the table and told us about the dish, the ingredients and his inspiration.

Photographers circulated, capturing the moments of the evening.

Even though all evening we didn’t see a single banner or piece of cheesy signage, by the end of the night we not only knew who the event sponsors were but we tried their products in an authentic way and dined with several of the founders.

“Our goal in bringing together this #chicdining event in the way that we did,” Steph explains, “was to utilize the same strategy that we use in the social space – where creating organic and authentic lifestyle content is concerned – and really translating that into a tangible experience that our guests could be a part of – an experience that would give them an opportunity to get a ‘taste’ of what the Chic Sophistic brand is all about … in a very real way!”

Photo Credit: @polaroei

By organically incorporating sponsorship into the event, it positively promote and raised awareness for all brands involved, built relationships between the guests and each brand through creating a memorable guest experience and provide an opportunity for networking with the founders.

These were some of the fabulous sponsors:
Fresh Produce for dinner from @producemadesimple
Decorative Elements @kijijicanada
Chef was @michaelsfoodexperience
Dessert Dish Infused with @kelloggscanada @allbran_ca cereal
Venue – Gallery was @paletteprojectsto #EmilyHardingGallery
Sparkling Wine from @chandonusa
Day-to-Night Bathing Suits worn by the servers and some of the guests by @kokofficial_
Cote D’Azur Inspired Table Linens by @whitney_linen
Flowers provided by @berryblushdesign
Dinnerware sets @chairmanmills
General Sponsor @zenograms

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