We all know and love our very own Canadian artist, Shawn Mendes. He recently has come out with a new song called, Señorita that is the second collab with the former Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello. Set aside both Mendes and Cabello’s individual success, how did these two multi-platinum singer/songwriters’ combine their success to achieve an all-time high? Mendes and Cabello have been teasing their fans by continuing to hype the unanswered question if the two artists are dating.  The song instantly became a hit in the pop culture world rising to the top charts in many different music avenues because of the song’s merit, but also because of an expertly timed tease campaign.

  1.  Señorita experienced instantaneous success worldwide. Señorita made it to #1 on Spotify’s Global Chart, being recognized as the biggest single-day debut of a male/female duet.
  2.  Señorita also made it to many other notable #1s chart including iTunes and Apple Music.
  3. The music video broke insane records, generating 50 million YouTube streams in the first 48 hours.

The music video is the start to their potential love story. 
Both celebs were spotted at a café holding hands in public. Now this may seem a little dramatic to be labeling two people as a couple just because they were out in public holding hands, but both Mendes and Cabello have not helped deny this idea via social media. Mendes and Cabello have leveraged their social media accounts to help promote their new single and tease their ambiguous relationship status. Hey, I don’t blame them, if I had over 36 million followers, I would do the same. Both Mendes and Cabello posted numerous Instagrams of each other. Take a look: 

These images depict very suggestive content of the two artists’ relationship. Leaving us all wanting more. 

 PR Takeaway: Keep Your Audience Guessing: There’s Value in Building Anticipation. At a young age we are taught to love storytelling. Mendes and Cabello continue telling their story by building anticipation. Their star-crossed lovers routine shows the unique value in building anticipation, in their case, surrounding their possible relationship. This little teaser has a huge takeaway. Many of their fans were so deeply invested in their off-screen romance that they followed each of the stars every move up to and surpassing the song’s debut, causing the song’s popularity to skyrocket, topping the charts and boosting sales. The buzz around the infamous question if Mendes and Cabello are dating has been circulating for the last month. This has directly increased the popularity of their new collab. The dating rumors heated up with Mendes and Cabello’s excessive PDA interactions, generating more and more attention to them and their new hit song, Señorita. Until recently, their relationship was confirmed by numerous sources that they are NOT dating. Wickedly smart, PR takeaway? I think so. Well-played guys, don’t worry we all still love you both. 
So, how do you pull off the Señorita effect? Build anticipation with your audience by teasing a product in many creative ways before it’s launched. Get your audience invested so they can’t wait to see what you debut. And it doesn’t have to stop there. Continue to build upon different narratives to engage your audience’s attention. 

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Lauren Machtinger
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